I am a Storyteller.

My style is relaxed with a strong emphasis on what is an honest documentary and beautiful storytelling. While most of my favorite photos are candid and unscripted, I also know how to pose and direct subjects to create an artful masterpiece you want to frame. I'm a creative and a dreamer and if you value artistic vision, you're my kind of person.

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How to choose a photographer

It is so important to find the right photographer for your wedding day. You will be spending the most part of your day with them. So I encourage you to set up a coffee meeting or a video call to get acquainted with your photographer before you book. I offer this service free of charge. Look at different styles of photography and decide for yourself if you like how they photograph. It is also important that you are drawn to the editing’s style and colour grading. I love vibrant and true colours and my black and white images are high contrast to really The options are endless and it might feel like an impossible task to choose, but I promise the right photographer is there for you. 

I’ve photographed well over 300 weddings and I’ve been running my own photography business for 14 years, but I actually started taking portraits when I was 17 (and that was in 2001!!) With 22 years of experience of seeing the light, knowing how to direct, compose and guide people, I can say with confidence that I will get the shot and provide you with the images you will fall in love with.

I’ve traveled to 4 African countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia and Mozambique) to photograph international destination weddings. In South Africa I’ve lost count, but it’s probably over more than 50 weddings in every possible beautiful venue and province our country has.

When you browse through my website you’ll see loads of destination wedding photos and check out my Instagram to see the most recent posts, reels and stories of my adventures.

I shoot with a Fuji mirrorless camera and the best prime lenses. My photography equipment kit might look small and unassuming, but it makes me mobile and I’m an expert at being in stealth mode to capture unique moments that you might not even notice on the day. I love that my camera is small and made to look like a film camera from the 1970's. That's in fact what I learned when I started to take photos.